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Choosing the right SEO keywords is undoubtedly the most important step in ensuring the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Indeed, it's the keywords that guide the writing of your articleswhatever content you decide to publish. They also help you find the right approach to reach your target audience. This means that your content strategy depends entirely on your choice of keywords. And finding the right keywords is no mean feat. This research phase requires a well-honed strategy and a real understanding of what's at stake. Choosing keywords involves finding words and phrases that web users use when searching the web. You also need to determine the volume of searches for each word or phrase, as well as measure the number of visitors to your site. SEO competition. In other words, keyword research isn't a one-step process. It's a whole process that requires a good strategy. To help you in your research, you can also use specific tools. Read on for more details.

Choosing SEO keywords: 4 aspects to consider

To find the right SEO keywords to boost your ranking, you need to adopt 4 techniques. To be effective, your keyword strategy must take into account all aspects of SEO.

Your SEO keywords must represent you

Every word you use in your content must represent your company. This is in addition to accurately conveying the message you want to send to your audience. So you need to choose only relevant keywords that will fit into your online presence platform. To do this, start by brainstorming and write down the keywords that relate to your business. On the other hand, avoid including overly technical vocabulary, unless you're targeting BtoB only.

Once you've finished writing down all the keywords, put them together in an Excel file. This will be the the starting point for your website's tree structure. This file will help you define all the thematic clusters you need to use. What is a thematic cluster? It's a method of organization that enables you to create quality content that responds to search intent. This is how content relevance becomes a priority.

Your keywords must satisfy the query intentions of your target customers

A keyword is only relevant when it matches search terms of your target. You need to understand your target customers and draw inspiration from their vocabulary. In this way, you'll be able to generate quality traffic by satisfying your customers' search intentions. Note that this aspect is essential to your SEO strategy.

Following this step will help you find SEO keywords that match what you're looking for. your buyer persona uses. The quality of your content is guaranteed.

Your keywords must meet search engine requirements

Now that you've identified your customers' expectations and defined the right keywords for your business, turn your attention to search engines. To optimize your ranking, you need to meet the requirements of research platforms. This is done by analyzing the first page of Google for each keyword. This study gives you an idea of the type of content being written for a specific key query. This includes :

  • From a information content which provides answers to the "how" and "why" questions.
  • From a commercial content to help you choose the right solution.
  • From a transactional content whose purpose is to sell a product by providing important information such as price or availability.

Then add the information you've gathered to your Excel file, next to the corresponding keyword. This will give you all the basic data you need to guide your content writing. You'll also increase your chances ofappear among the first results of search platforms.

Your keywords must take SEO competition into account

In order to find other keywords and get to the top of the SERP, you need to analyze your SEO competition. This analysis will reveal the keywords you've overlooked and the highly competitive queries.

Once you've passed this stage, you've managed to gather all the keywords you need to create your content. The question now is whether they are relevant enough to ensure your natural referencing. It all depends on how you use them.

Using keywords for SEO: key points to know

To improve your SEO, you need to organize your keywords correctly. They don't all have the same importance, but they complement each other.

Choosing the right keyword

Visit main keyword or target query is the term used by Internet users to perform a search on search platforms. It is this keyword that guides Google and its algorithms in proposing sites capable of providing answers to Internet users' questions.

For your part, you must ensure that your site appears in the SERP. In this way, Internet users will be able to consult your content or view your offers. That's why it's so important to use keywords that are relevant to your business. Without this match, you have no chance of obtaining quality traffic.

It's a mistake to think that a single keyword is enough to improve your SERP ranking. Even if it's a keyword with a high search volume. In fact, you need to optimize your page using a relevant keyword while adding associated keywords.

Imagine your website sells natural beauty products. Your main keywords are obviously beauty products/natural beauty products. However, you must also ensure that these main keywords are broken down into other variants such as :

  • 100% natural beauty products,
  • Organic beauty products at low prices,
  • Organic skin care

Your Excel file should therefore contain a list of your keyword variations.

Choosing secondary keywords

Related keywords represent a positioning opportunity you shouldn't miss. These are words that have an indirect link with your sales and marketing activities. If you sell natural beauty products, you could have a blog where you give beauty tips. It's therefore in your best interest to position yourself using related keywords in addition to optimizing the main keywords. These keywords can be :

  • Natural beauty
  • Organic care
  • Chemical-free products

The objective is then useful anticipate requests that can lead your future customers to your website. There are many ways to find secondary keywords. You can, for example, refer to related searches on Google. Indeed, when an Internet user performs a search on Google, it suggests searches related to his or her keyword. These may be questions related to the theme of the query. You can also use online tools that generate related keywords.

In addition, please note that related keywords are synonyms of main keywords. They enable you to adapt to all your target customers' requests, even when they use abbreviations.

Therefore, you need to carry out a lexical field study to highlight your keyword. This lexical field groups together all the terms related to your activity. Each of these words must be integrated into a phrase in your content.

The use of lexical fields enables you to meet the expectations of your audience and the requirements of search platforms. What's more, it helps you position your content on the basis of numerous related requests. A foolproof way to have an effective presence on the Internet.

What about long tail?

To increase traffic to your website and optimize conversion ratesYou need long tail. In fact, by combining keywords and using long phrases, you'll be able to target a specific audience. This type of query is extremely effective for obtaining quality traffic, even if it has a limited search volume.

To find your long tail keywords, simply use the same methods as for your secondary keywords. However, don't hesitate to give free rein to your creativity. Indeed, long tail is often unique. All you have to do is put yourself in your typical reader's shoes and try to reproduce their vocabulary as they search online.

SEO keyword generation: the most reliable tools

There are currently a number of tools available to help you with your keyword research.

Google Keywords Planner: a free keyword generator

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a platform for keyword planning for SEA professionals. This solution enables you to find the most relevant keywords when launching advertising on Google Ads. However, it is also useful for advertising on other search platforms such as Bing. Please note that you'll need a Google Ads account to use this SEO solution.

Google Keyword Planner is relatively simple to use. All you have to do is enter a query, and the solution automatically suggests the corresponding keywords. Keyword-related information is also provided. This gives you an overview of search volume and estimated bids for advertisements. In addition the competition and traffic forecasts.

With a thorough knowledge of marketing, you'll be able to interpret the results correctly. This will enable you to put in place an effective SEA or SEO strategy. The advantage of Google Keyword Planner is that it provides rich data.

Ubersuggest: a free keyword research site


Ubersuggest is owned by English entrepreneur Neil Patel. This platform allows you to search 3 keywords a dayfree of charge. In addition, you have access to basic information such as organic difficulty and search volume for each keyword. This tool also informs you of the average number of blacklinks of the first 10 pages that appear according to the query.

What's more, Ubersuggest helps you to come up with lots of different keyword ideas. You can, for example, opt for questions, comparisons or suggestions. There's even a section with content ideas and headlines you can use in your content.

Answer The Public: a solution that goes beyond SEO

Answer the public

Answer The Public is a visualization platform which provides you with all the questions related to a keyword. These are the questions asked by the majority of Internet users interested in some aspect of your business. It works by exploiting search suggestions from Google and Bing. This is how it creates a "theme tree". Answer The Public is also a powerful technology for semantic cocoon construction.

Answer The Public's interface is ergonomic. It features an HTML animation. Just type in a Keyword and you'll get a wealth of information. suggestions in graphic form. The keyword can be a word or a group of words. The data you obtain on this platform can link you to the search results of search platforms. In this way, you can judge for yourself how much interest Internet users have in a given topic.

Answer The Public helps you paid ad campaigns and in improving your site's natural referencing. In fact, you can use it to set up your content strategy by tapping into web users' queries. With it, you'll easily come up with content ideas that capture the attention of your target audience.

SE Ranking: a powerful SEO tool

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a powerful and comprehensive tool. In this sense, it's not limited to keyword generation. It also helps you with all aspects of natural referencing management of your website. To use the keyword planning feature, you must have an SE Ranking account. From your account interface, you can access the "keyword research" tab. By entering a keyword, you'll have access to the monthly search volume for that keyword, as well as the number of visitors to your site. CPC for Google Ads. Below this initial information, you have the keyword ideas. SE Ranking provides you with three types of keywords:

  • Similar keywords.
  • Linked keywords.
  • Keywords with low search volume.

These lists should give you a hundred or so keyword ideas. You can also access the detailed report for each list and export it in Excel format.

In addition to keyword research, SE Ranking offers a wide range of SEO features. This tool enables you to track your website's position based on your strategic keywords. You can also carry out a competitive search against other sites, based in particular on organic traffic. SE Ranking also offers you the possibility of carrying out an SEO audit of your website, and much more besides.

SEMrush: an online marketing management tool


If you're looking for a tool that can help you to managing your online marketingSEMrush can meet your needs. In fact, it's one of the most popular platforms on the market today. You'll find a wide range of essential digital marketing features.

SEMrush's keyword generation feature allows you to significantly improve your sales. positioning your site in search results. In fact, this platform helps you to find keywords and study them at the same time. In this way, you can collect important data such as :

  • The search volume,
  • Search intent,
  • Cost per click,
  • Query results functionalities...

SEMrush also provides you with Keyword Magic Tool. This feature helps you to generate multiple keyword combinations starting with just one. You can also obtain powerful keywords according to your SEO strategy.

A comprehensive tool, SEMrush gives you access to other SEO features such as position tracking and a search engine optimization tool. blackilnks analysis. Since it's also a digital marketing tool, it helps you with content marketing. This is in addition to the :

  • Setting up CPC campaigns,
  • Optimizing your presence on social networks,
  • E-reputation management.

Ranxplorer: a French word analysis platform


Ranxplorer is an alternative to SE Ranking and SEMrush if you have a preference for French platforms. This tool is the largest database of SEO and SEA results. It lists over 30 million sites and records around 3 billion results and 100 million keywords.

With Ranxplorer, one query can bring you 100 relevant keywords. To do this, this platform first analyzes the competition. Then, it detects the keywords used by players operating in the same field as you. As a result, it provides you with all the data you need to ensure that your site is among the top-ranked. the most strategic queries in your sector.

Another advantage of Ranxplorer is its affordability. In fact, all you have to pay is 7.50 excl. VAT per month for entry-level price. This is an attractive price considering the features it offers. This price includes 100 keyword searches per month, plus 10 site analyses. So, if you're just starting out, Ranxplorer is for you. The price it offers guarantees you an effective online presence without breaking the bank.

Serpstat: software for professionals


Serpstat is all-in-one SEO software. This platform is so complete and powerful that even today's biggest brands can't do without it. In fact, its use is particularly suited to large agencies and companies. A craftsman or independent professional will find it hard to exploit all its features effectively.

Serpstat offers a wide range of services. You have access to :

  • A site or page audit,
  • Position monitoring,
  • A domain analysis,
  • Organic and paid competitive research...

All in addition to keyword generation. To ensure the relevance of keyword search results, Serpstat features a important database which authorizes the collection of your site's semantics. Of course, you'll also get keyword volume, competition and difficulty.

Note also that Seprstat's analysis and keyword generation are based on the results of the regional requests. These features also take into account all the sites in your industry.

Yooda Insight: a rudimentary but effective platform

Yooda insight

Yooda Insight is an SEO software launched in 2002. It is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of a competitive solution that enables them to better marketing management. Yet it's probably the easiest platform on the market to use. All you have to do is enter your query in the search bar, and the tool will take care of the rest. provides a list of keywords. You can then filter the results according to the data you are most interested in.

Yooda Insight offers you three services:

  • Visit site performance to analyze your site or all other sites on the market
  • Visit keyword generator with keyword ideas, number of searches, Google Ads CPC
  • L'competitor analysis to identify competitors according to the theme you wish to address
  • Visit dashboard To bring together all the information you need for your SEO projects.

You can use Yooda Insight free of charge. However, the Freemium offer is very limited. To benefit from a complete service with infinite possibilities, you need to pay for the following offer Premium at €39 per month

Bonus: SERPmantics to optimize your content for the right keyword

SERPmantics Logo

SERPmantics is an essential tool for anyone wishing to optimize their choice of SEO keywords to improve their natural search engine optimization. Its precise semantic analysis and its ability to decipher trends and preferences in the Google algorithm make SERPmantics an invaluable ally for anyone looking to boost their rankings. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive functions make semantic analysis both accessible and powerful, helping even SEO novices to navigate the complex world of keywords with confidence.

The real strength of SERPmantics lies in its ability to identify keyword opportunities that are often overlooked. By analyzing and comparing your content with that of your competitors, SERPmantics can reveal relevant keywords you may have missed. In addition, SERPmantics generates specific optimization guides that to help you integrate these keywords with the right density naturally and efficiently in your content. This means that not only can you choose the right keywords, but you can also use them in the most optimal way possible. The combined effect of these features makes SERPmantics a real revolution in the way SEO keywords are chosen and used.

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