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When it comes to SEO, understanding how search platforms analyze content is essential. In the past, focusing solely on specific keywords may have been enough, but times have changed. Search site algorithms have become more intelligent and sophisticated.

Today, the key to online visibility lies in the semantic understanding. And that's where theSEO semantic analysis are ready to revolutionize your approach to SEO. These tools allow you to delve deep into users' search intentions, and tooptimize your content accordingly.

So, whether you're an SEO expert or a passionate novice, this guide will reveal the most effective tools. Find out how these 12 revolutionary tools can help you climb to the top of the SERPs rankings.

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Yourtextguru is a solution that is in high demand for creating quality content. In fact, the site features a slightly complex interface which makes it difficult to grasp, especially for beginners.

In this sense, it enables all users to produce articles with a good level of optimization for search sites. Thanks to the tool's algorithm, you can generate a list of keywords and phrases based on a given keyword. The aim is to give you an idea of the content you need to produce in order to meet your needs of Internet users.

Advantages & disadvantages

The benefits of Yourtext.guruThe disadvantages of Yourtext guru
βœ… Comprehensive, easy-to-use tool
βœ… Additional options for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
βœ… Real-time analysis of SERPs
βœ… Time savings and productivity gains
πŸ›‘ High subscription rate
πŸ›‘ Very limited freemium version
πŸ›‘ Progressive learning
πŸ›‘ Limited database
YourtextGuru comparison

YTG pricing

The various Yourtextguru functions are available at a fixed cost per token. A Premium guide costs 5 tokens, or around €2.50, while an Oneshot guide costs just one token, or €0.50.

Monthly fees for this semantic tool range from €80 to €300, depending on your project. However, there is a free version that allows new users to test its options.



The launch of this solution dates back to 2017, under the direction of Anthony Techer. This is a complete SEO toolbox which offers several features for analyzing the semantics of your content. It gives you suggestions for improving your SEO.

Equipped with artificial intelligence, it offers assisted writing functionality. But SEOquantum can also be used to perform a variety of SEO tasks. Among other things, it can be used for keyword research and to monitor ranking in the list provided by search sites.

Key functions offered by this solution

  • Semantic analysis :

Detection of query typology and Wordprint analysis to extract the main keywords.

  • Content optimization :

The tool performs a detailed analysis of the lexical field to identify present and missing words. It also indicates the ideal density and frequency for adjusting the text.

  • Ranking analysis :

In this sense, it evaluates the performance of content on the first page of Google to improve the content production strategy.

  • Clusters :

To do this, it groups Wordprint keywords by family to guide writers with pre-set paragraph suggestions.

  • Semantic cocoon :

It generates topics related to the main theme and creates an optimal structure for SEO and internal linking.

Advantages & disadvantages

The benefits of this toolThe disadvantages of this solution
βœ… Modern, intuitive interface for ease of use
βœ… Technical support available
βœ… Practical functions
βœ… Ability to export data to CSV and PDF files
πŸ›‘ The editorial guide could be improved
πŸ›‘ Irrelevant contextual keyword suggestions
πŸ›‘ Unable to test the free version of the tool
πŸ›‘ Some reports may be difficult for SEO beginners to understand
SeoQuantum comparison

Solution price list

  • Free trial
  • Silver plan: recommended for SEO consultants with 89 € per month or €890 per year.
  • Primarily intended for agencies, the Gold plan is designed for 239 € per month or €2,390 per year.
  • Corporate Plan: ideal for companies. Available for 599 € per month or €5990 per year.



1.FR is a writing assistant specially designed for SEOs and web copywriters. As content plays an essential role in natural referencing, this SEO tool enables users to improve their texts.

In addition, 1.fr takes into account the information provided by the user. It then provides a suggestion of keywords to add or remove from the text. The aim of this process is to improve the text's ranking on search engines.

1.fr features

  • Continuous availability, 24/7
  • SEO optimization
  • Online support
  • Technical support available

Advantages & disadvantages

Key benefitsA few drawbacks
βœ… Use of advanced automatic natural language processing techniques.
βœ… Export data in CSV format for further analysis.
βœ… Optimization of existing content to improve performance.
πŸ›‘ The rather limited content idea generation tool.
πŸ›‘ Does not cover all aspects of SEO.
1.fr comparison

Rates offered by 1.fr

The free trial allows you to exploit the full potential of the solution. However, this is limited to 10 daily analyses.

The standard formula is available at 60 per month. So you can use it without restriction.



Alyze.info is a fairly basic online tool for semantic SEO analysis of a page or article. It's fast to run and offers suggestions for modifications.

In addition, this tool functions as a SAAS system (Software as a Service), which ranks keywords according to their density. In this way, the tool's designers aim to get as close as possible to search sites like Google.

The main functions and specifications of this application

  • Online support. This provides fast, efficient assistance when using the application.
  • Advice and recommendations. These may include suggestions for improving content, site structure and meta tags.
  • Location progress. The main objective of the application is to optimize your site's position in the search listing.

Advantages & disadvantages

Positive pointsNegative points
βœ… The tool gives you a fast, responsive experience when using it
βœ… The tool is completely free of charge
πŸ›‘ The tool's interface may seem outdated in terms of design or aesthetics
πŸ›‘ As this is a beta version, it's possible to encounter a few problems or bugs when using it
πŸ›‘ Understanding the results provided by the tool can be difficult. It may also require some expertise in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).
Alyze.info comparison

Cost of service

It's totally free and requires no prior registration to use.



Lexiteev is an SEO solution developed by the French company Digitian. It is designed to help you improve your position on the Google search engine. As such, it offers SEO improvement techniques that combine various recommendations to achieve this goal. The tool is suitable for all business sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Advantages & disadvantages

Some advantages of LexiteevThe disadvantages of Lexiteev
βœ… Complete SEO approach
βœ… Powerful lexical analysis algorithm
βœ… Enriching editorial content with keywords and key phrases
βœ… Meets the needs of research platforms
πŸ›‘ Less advanced features
πŸ›‘ Interface not very user-friendly
Lexiteev comparison

The proposed rates

Lexiteev's rates are quite affordable. Offers start from 9.90 euros per month and go up to 34.90 euros per month. However, it's worth noting that each offer is restricted to a single website. This makes it an appropriate choice for small publishers with just one site to manage.



Visiblis is asemantic analysis designed for businesses and professionals. It is listed in the "SEO Software" and "Web Analytics Software" categories.

In addition, this software enables analyze content website semanticsidentify relevant keywords andimprove referencing accordingly.

Visibilis features

  • Data analysis
  • Detailed statistics
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Data import and export
  • Online publication
  • Automatic backup
  • Data backup

Advantages & disadvantages of Visiblis

βœ… Using artificial intelligence
Automatic natural language processing (NLP) techniques
βœ… Content writing guide
βœ… Multilingual corpus generation
βœ… Analysis and improvement of link structure
πŸ›‘ Rather complex handling for beginners
πŸ›‘ Access to data is limited
Visiblis comparison

The different Visiblis price plans

  • The free trial gives you the opportunity to test its functions, but is limited in time.
  • The standard cost of Visiblis is currently €10 per month, per user. However, if you're a professional user, the €37 monthly pro package is more suitable.
  • The corporate service is €49 a month, while the Premium service is €96 a month per user.



Textfocus is an SEO analysis tool that focuses on key phrases, HTML code and semantic relevance. It evaluates your keywords and ensures that they are not over-optimized and that they are present in the essential tags. In addition, Textfocus offers you a list of competing keywords and semantic suggestions for improve referencing of your pages.

The main features and specifications of this application

  • Online technical support
  • Search engine optimization - SEO
  • HTML code analysis

The qualities of this solution

  • CSV data export
  • Suggested co-occurrences
  • Using machine learning
  • Guide to writing articles

Textfocus price plan

This tool offers several packages to suit your needs.

The €9.90/month Small Pack gives you :

  • 50 Monthly credits
  • Cost of credit at €0.1980 excluding VAT
  • 20 competitive analyses
  • 50 semantic suggestions
  • Access to entity analysis
  • Search for questions
  • Link analysis
  • Keyword audit

By opting for the €29.90/month Pack Classic, you will have at your disposal :

  • 250 monthly credits :
  • Cost of credit at €0.1196 excluding VAT
  • 50 market rivals by analysis
  • 50 semantic suggestions
  • Access to entity analysis
  • Unlimited question searches
  • Unlimited link analysis
  • Unlimited keywords audit

 The Big Pack at €49.90/month is the best value with :

  • 500 Monthly credits
  • Cost of credit at €0.0998 excluding VAT
  • 100 market rivals by analysis
  • 100 results for semantic suggestions
  • Access to entity analysis
  • This package is ideal for SEO agencies and web agencies wishing to control the quality of published pages.



SEMrush is an online marketing solution that includes a variety of tools designed to strengthen your Internet presence. Thanks to these tools, you can not only outperform the competition. But you can also fine-tune your marketing strategy.

SEMrush features

  • Real-time monitoring of your ranking on search platforms, including that of your competitors.
  • Detailed analysis of your rivals' market strategies.
  • Access to a wealth of valuable information to advance your online presence.

Advantages & disadvantages of SEMrush

The benefits of SEMrushThe disadvantages of SEMrush
βœ… Powerful tools for keyword research
βœ… Full site audit
βœ… Provides information on backlinks
βœ… Manage and monitor your social networking activities
πŸ›‘ High cost
πŸ›‘ Steeper learning curve for novice users.
πŸ›‘ Complex, difficult-to-navigate interface
πŸ›‘ Limitations in data availability for specific markets and regions
Semrush comparison

SEMrush prices

  • Free trial period. SEMrush offers a free trial period to allow you to discover the platform's functions.
  • Paid version: From 99.95 $ per month, you have access to all the platform's tools. Prices may vary according to the plan chosen and options included.
  • SEMrush is currently offering an extended free trial of 14 days instead of the usual 7. This means you can take full advantage of all the site's tools, and take the time to assess their value to your business.



SurferSEO is an SEO analysis tool that uses a data-driven approach to help improve a website's search engine ranking. It examines over 500 different ranking factors and offers suggestions for optimizing a website's content. However, while it can be useful for SEO experts and beginners alike, its effectiveness may depend on industry specifics and competition.

What are the main features of Surfer SEO?

SERP analysis SurferSEO analyzes the pages that rank highest in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for a specific keyword, and provides insights into the factors that may have contributed to their success.

Content optimization The tool provides precise recommendations on how to optimize content, based on analysis of pages that rank well for the same keywords. These recommendations include elements such as content length, keyword usage, keyword density, title structure and more.

SEO audit SurferSEO is able to carry out full SEO audits of websites, analyzing aspects such as site structure, content, meta tags, page load times and more.

Advantages and disadvantages

βœ… Detailed SERP analysis
βœ… Real-time content editing tool
βœ… Support for many SEO factors
βœ… Easy to use
πŸ›‘ Very high cost
πŸ›‘ Lack of off-page SEO features
πŸ›‘ Over-optimization
πŸ›‘ Tool dependency
πŸ›‘ Too much data
SurferSEO comparison

At what price?

  • 89$ / month for the essential offer with 15 contents
  • 179$ / month for the advanced offer with 45 contents
  • 299$ / month for max offer with 90 contents



Semji is a French solution developed in 2012 that offers an artificial intelligence solution to improve your web content. It focuses on SEO and conversion. Its objective is to render your content more visible on research platforms.

What's more, Semji's AI provides you with recommendations for rapidly producing SEO-optimized content tailored to your target audience. It optimizes your internal linking and even identifies the structure of competing content.

The main features of the tool

  • Production centralization. The tool centralizes and manages the various content productions. This facilitates collaboration and resource management.
  • Collaborative editorial planning. Teams can plan publications, assign tasks and monitor project progress.
  • Improved SEO performance. In this sense, the tool offers options for improving the SEO performance of content.
  • Efficiency KPIs. This makes it possible to track traffic statistics and conversion rates.

Advantages & disadvantages of the tool

Advantages of SemjiDisadvantages of Semji
βœ… Ease of use
βœ… Extension compatible with many SEO tools
βœ… Real-time monitoring of the progress of collaborative missions
πŸ›‘ Very expensive
πŸ›‘ Not available in open access
πŸ›‘ Limited availability of the Google Chrome extension
Semji comparison

On the other hand, information on Semji subscription rates is not explicitly mentioned on their website. Therefore, in order to obtain pricing details, you'll need to submit a request for a demonstration of the tool and its artificial intelligence via its official website. Once you've completed the demo, you'll have access to pricing information. You can then try out the tool free of charge for a period of 14 days.



Optimiz.me is an SEO optimization solution created in 2012. Its aim is to help companies and professionals to improve their online visibility. What's more, this solution allows you toget a better investment on search platforms. It focuses on analysis, recommendation and performance monitoring.

Optimiz.me features

The tool performs a detailed analysis of your website to identify areas for improvement in your SEO. It then provides recommendations tailored to your website based on SEO best practices. In addition, you can track the position of your important keywords in search results. This enables you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and take corrective action if necessary. Optimiz.me also lets you compare your website with those of the competition. On top of this, it offers personalized support from SEO experts.

Advantages & disadvantages of Optimiz.me

Benefits of Optimiz.meDisadvantages of Optimiz.me
βœ… CSV data export
βœ… Suggested co-occurrences
βœ… Using NLP
βœ… Availability of a text production guide
πŸ›‘ Complex interface
πŸ›‘ Limitation in Standard version
πŸ›‘ Limited availability of guides and support
Optimiz.me comparison

Optimiz.me costs 29 euros per month.

SEO Hero


SEO Hero is a SaaS solution used for tracking search engine optimization (SEO) and analyzing a website's visibility on search engines. It provides advanced options to monitor keyword rankings and analyze SEO performance. And whether you're an SEO or a webmaster, this solution is an excellent tool for tracking rankings.

SEO Hero's main functions

  • The tool tracks your website's position on search platforms such as Google.
  • It provides an in-depth analysis of your website's visibility.
  • It allows you to monitor your competitors' SEO performance.
  • SEO Hero generates customized reports with tracking and analysis data.

The main advantages of this software

  • Daily position monitoring
  • Customizable filters
  • E-mail notifications
  • Access to the Top 100 with SERP details
  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Detailed reports and statistics


SERPmantics Logo

SERPmantics is an SEO semantic analysis tool in full development. This gives you a unique opportunity to be among the first to try it out. So, as a pioneer, you can gain a competitive advantage over your market rivals by using this tool.

SERPmantics offers you a free trial of its technical options. This allows you to optimize two articles of your choice each month, at no charge. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your position on search platforms. What's more, it frees you from technical constraints, so you can devote your time to producing valuable content.

SERPmantics - Screenshot tool guide

SERPmantics features

  • Simplification and automation of SEO improvement tasks.
  • In-depth analysis of Google preferences.
  • Essential words to attract Google's attention.
  • Provision of strategic information to increase search rankings.

Advantages & disadvantages of SERPmantics

Advantages of SERPmanticsA few drawbacks
βœ… Simplicity and efficiency: easy-to-use interface
βœ… Direct access to advanced SEO ranking information
βœ… Specific recommendations to improve content positioning
βœ… Improved search engine rankings
βœ… Free trial to test tool options
βœ… Very affordable price to benefit from its functions
πŸ›‘ Off-site information is fairly limited (as the tool is still in its infancy)
SERPmantics comparison

SERPmantics pricing offers


  • Totally free service.
  • You benefit from 2 written production improvement guides every month.
  • Valuable recommendations for improving your content and search engine rankings.
  • This service cannot be combined.


  • A monthly service at €39 excluding VAT.
  • You'll receive 10 referrals to improve your content production every month.
  • These guides can be accumulated from one month to the next, up to a total of 100 guides.


  • Available at €49 excl. tax per month.
  • Access to all tool options and benefits.
  • Unlimited number of instructions for improving and writing content per month.

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