The 7 best copywriting agencies + how to choose the right one

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Good web content must ensure SEO optimization and readership satisfaction. For web copywriting agencies, these criteria are a top priority. These agencies are numerous and offer a wide range of services. Nevertheless, choosing a web copywriting agency should not be left to chance. For a quality service, it's essential to consider certain criteria. This will help you decide on the ideal agency. Among those on the market, there are a few that are among the best.

Why use the skills of a web copywriting agency?

Optimized web content enables a retailer toincrease your visibility andattract target audiences more easily. High-quality web copy will improve search engine rankings. What's more, an article with high added value will satisfy readers. That's why professional skills are required.

Quality content

A web copywriting agency is made up of professionals who have perfect mastery of SEO. These professionals will be able to respect all the techniques for perfect content. These are texts with a good structure that will enhance understanding of the subject. They also ensure the integration of keywords and the use of a rich lexicon in all texts.

What's more, you'll have a unique content that has been verified by anti-plagiarism software. With the right skills, a good web copywriting agency can help you gain excellent Google rankings.

Content tailored to the target audience

A well-referenced article is only part of the job. In fact, the professionals at a web copywriting agency will make sure that the content appeals to your target audience. Apart from perfect grammar and spelling and a rich lexical field, you'll benefit from content that stands out from the crowd. Your texts will include details that will set them apart from other content on the same subject.

Flexible volumetry

Whatever the volume of content you need, the agency's professionals will meet your requirements. As a result, they can deliver high volumes in a very short time. This is one of the great advantages of a web copywriting agency. Indeed, it's difficult for a freelance copywriter toensure a large quantity of content in a short time.

What are the criteria for choosing a web copywriting agency?

If you decide to use a web copywriting agency, there are a number of criteria to consider. You'll need to gather information about the agencies you're interested in, so you can choose the right provider.

Experience and reputation

Not all web copywriting agencies on the market have the same number of years' experience. Generally speaking, as in any profession, the more experience you have, the more qualified you are for a job. An agency that has spent a decade in the business has worked on numerous projects with different customers. Their skills have therefore grown over time. Don't hesitate to consult customer reviews. This will give you a good idea of the agency's real qualifications.

The services on offer

A good web copywriting agency must be able to meet the needs of its clients. You therefore need to check whether the agency is capable of writing all types of content for the web. When it comes to writing product presentations, blog posts or other content, the agency must be made up of specialists.

Editorial and SEO skills

High-quality, optimized content is the basis for achieving your objectives. That's why an editorial agency must be able to provide it. All you need to do is visit the agency's website. You'll be analyzing the quality of the texts, in particular the structure of the content, the relevance of the information and any errors.

Price list

Beware of agencies that offer very low rates. Generally speaking, this is no guarantee of quality. It's better to opt for services at the right price. That's why you need to compare the different rates offered by different agencies.

Web copywriting agency: what services do you offer?

Digital communication requires mastery of all types of content. That's why web copywriting agencies need to offer different services for their clients.

Writing blog articles

The purpose of the blog post is toinform the reader about a specific topic in a website. It's an essential type of content when it comes to web copywriting. It helps improve a site's natural referencing. To achieve this, a number of actions are required, including :

  • inserting tags,
  • keyword placement
  • the introduction of visual aids.

Writing a cover story

The writing techniques for this type of production must be mastered. The website skinning article fulfills 3 roles:

  • Presenting the brand by informing
  • Caring forcommercial aspect of the company
  • Ensuring natural referencing of the

Writing press kits

This type of content is used to inform the general public on a specific subject. The messages a brand wants to convey must be clear. This includes all major company events. We recommend delegating this task to a web copywriting agency.

Writing product sheets

When it comes to digital marketing, the product sheet plays an important role. It aims to inform the web user while encouraging them to buy the product. Product descriptions are generally not very long. Nevertheless, it's not easy to write one.

Writing a category page for an e-commerce site

The category page contains all product descriptions. For an online store, this page is an important pillar of the site. It allows you to perfecting SEO with keywords. It also improves the browsing experience on the site.

Writing a white paper

A white paper is a collection of information designed to convince the reader of the benefits of an offer. This content will also suggest your establishment as a solution in a particular field. To write a good white paper, you need tohave a certain know-how.

Which are the best web copywriting agencies?

Once you've considered these criteria and defined your objectives, you can choose your web copywriting agency. The skills of professionals in this field are required for assured web visibility. To help you choose, we've put together this list of the 7 best web copywriting agencies today.

Professional web copywriting

Among the web copywriting agencies on the market, Pro r├ędaction web is one of the best. This agency can offer you tailor-made content to increase your web visibility. It has a team of writers with exceptional skills. You'll get quality content that appeals to search engines and readers alike.

Pro web copywriting can work on a wide range of themes. That's why we're sure you'll be satisfied, whatever your business. In terms of rates, you'll be billed from 5 euros per 100 words. This is for more general topics. All you have to do is explain your writing project, and the agency will examine it and make you the best offer.

R├ę is also a big name in digital marketing. This agency offers different types of content. Whether you need product descriptions, press releases or any other type of content, R├ę is your ally. Whatever the volume you need, qualified professionals are at your disposal. All you have to do is specify what you need, and your production will be delivered on schedule.

This agency offers turnkey formula. If you're looking to boost your visibility on the web, the SEO experts at R├ę can handle the job from A to Z. What's more, they'll be with you every step of the way. We consider this agency to be one of the service providers that places the highest priority on quality and professionalism.


Noiise is present in many of France's major cities. This agency specializes in content marketing, web copywriting and SEO. If you want to make your brand more visible on the Internet, Noiise can help. You're sure to get better search engine rankings.

Whatever type of content you need, you can entrust it to Noiise. Its experienced copywriters can provide blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages and more. It's worth mentioning that Noiise has more than 30 years' experience in SEO. By opting for this agency, you'll be able to increase your brand awareness and achieve higher conversion rates.


With its 8 years' experienceNeocamino is the ideal digital communications agency for small and medium-sized businesses. Professionals in the field are on hand to write all types of articles. You'll benefit from real support.

The agency will keep you informed of all actions taken throughout your project. Know that Neocamino has its own webmarketing tool. This tool and its many features offer customers the opportunity to optimize their texts. What's more, this agency has the manpower and skills needed to implement your digital projects. From the creation of your showcase site to the creation of all your content, Neocamino is a professional agency. That's why it's one of today's top web copywriting agencies.

An article for the web

An article for the web is an agency based in Luxembourg and in the Moselle department. This editorial agency puts qualified web copywriters at your disposal. They can handle all types of SEO content. Whether you need white papers, product descriptions or other content, you'll get it on time. And SEO will never be a problem.

The agency can also perform an SEO audit of your site. You'll have a content manager at your side, using his or her skills to support you in your content strategy. In short, Un article pour le web provides web copywriting, SEO and content strategy. Everything you need for quality digital marketing.


This agency was founded in Paris in 2008. The agency has made a name for itself in various fields, including content writing. In fact, the agency offers services for website creation, influencer marketing, web copywriting and much more. It can take care of your digital marketing from start to finish.

Firstly, it will define your editorial strategy. Then there's content writing and, finally, SEO optimization. Whatever your project, this agency will adapt to your real needs and your readership. A wide range of services and impeccable quality of work have made this service provider a benchmark. You can be sure that the rates they charge are commensurate with the services they offer.


Scribeur is also included in the list of the best web copywriting agencies. This editorial agency offers its skills to all types of businesses. Scribeur is staffed by skilled writers who can deliver quality articles for your company's e-presence. If you needgenuine articles that follow the rules of natural referencing, Scribeur is a good solution.

Thanks to its many years of experience, this web copywriting agency has perfected its writing skills. It should be noted that Scribeur has its own own SEO tool. In fact, the agency has been developing an SEO semantic analysis tool for over 10 years. It's a plus that gives it a serious edge. This tool enables Scribeur's editors to ensure the quality of articles for search engines and readers alike.

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