How much does web copywriting cost? Rates and budget explained

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Web copywriting isn't just about writing articles to please search engines. It's also about build customer loyalty to turn them into customers. Indeed, the more value your content marketing strategy gives them, the more they'll invest in your company. The profession of web copywriter is often overlooked in the working world. Yet it's a valuable profession. Freelance copywriters are both entrepreneurs and heads of their own businesses. So, if you want quality content, there are a number of parameters to consider, including their involvement. Whether he's a beginner or a professional, many factors come into play in determining his rate. 

What is web copywriting? ?

Web copywriting involves creating texts with the aim ofimprove their SEO ranking on search engines. With this in mind, it's not a job for everyone. It's essential to call in a professional.

Web copywriting is a profession in its own right. Indeed, copywriters are entrepreneurs who aspire to make a living from their passion. As a result, copywriting is a real job that deserves a fair remuneration and not to supplement their monthly income

Rates include various charges, such as :

  • URSSAF contributions,
  • taxes,
  • professional insurance,
  • health,
  • vacations
  • and continuing education.

Current expenses are also added. What's more, if an employee earns around 10.85 gross per hour in 2022 in FranceA self-employed worker must multiply this amount by 4 for a comfortable remuneration. He must work about 40 € per hour.

So a French writer can't write a blog post for just €5, contrary to the promises of some platforms that sacrifice content quality.

What are the advantages of hiring a web copywriter?

Using a web copywriter to create content is a worthwhile investment. They can save you valuable time and provide you with quality texts. They can also help you to build audience loyalty and improve your site's search engine ranking. As a result, you'll optimize your organic traffic and your sales by calling on this professional. 

What factors influence the price of a web reactor?

The cost of web copywriting varies according to your objective, as it can from €0.01 to €2 per word. If your intention is to fill your website, you have 2 options:

  • content spinning
  • and low-cost/offshore web copywriting.

Content spinning involves using software to create articles by modifying the original text. This generates several versions at lower cost. It is useful for local referencing and for quickly filling empty pages, particularly in sectors such as real estate.  

For low-cost web copywriting, it comes from French-speaking countries such as Madagascar, Morocco or Tunisiaor writers new to the platforms. Rates are generally between 0.01 and €0.05 per word. Outsourcing is attractive for its low cost, but quality can vary. Indeed, price does not always guarantee good positioning or expertise.

On the other hand, if you're aiming for quality traffic, hiring a professional web copywriter is the way to go. In general, they charge between 1 to 2 € per word. This rate is justified by the specific needs of his customers. Among the various tasks a copywriter can undertake, you can ask him or her to :

  • Create texts with favorable SEO positioning,
  • To have a copywritten text,
  • Get content with added value,
  • To have unique items. 

So the more exacting your requirements, the higher the rate over the long term. The subject of the texter can also influence copywriting rates. A text on medicine or politics will be more expensive than a basic text. Similarly, the legal status has a considerable impact on pricing. 

The different types of web content

The type of content has a major influence on the price of web copywriting. Some content requires more documentation and effort than others. For example, a copywriter may write : 

  • blog posts,
  • ebooks,
  • YouTube video subtitles,
  • web page rewriting,
  • newsletters,
  • product descriptions,
  • site pages.

Low-cost and premium copywriting: what are the price differences?

In addition to the cost of copywriting, the low-cost web copywriter differs from the expert in a number of ways. First of all, low-cost copywriters include less reactive to syntax and spelling errors. This may be due to their origin and level of experience. 

Secondly, their difference lies in specialization and vocabulary. A writer specialized in the legal field will charge you more than a generalist. Generally speaking, the professional spends all his time perfecting his vocabulary and researching his field of expertise. So it's quite conceivable that they'd expect to be paid for their work. However, choosing a professional copywriter guarantees you quality content tailored to your target audience. 

Visit writing style of the two copywriters also has a significant impact on price. Low-cost copywriters often lack the copywriting and storytelling skills of professionals. In other words, their texts lack emotion and don't bring enough value to the target audience to influence their purchasing decisions. 

L'use of SEO techniques distinguishes the expert from the low-cost copywriter. In reality, an SEO copywriter can deliver relevant, well-referenced texts, even if this means using paid tools. These help platforms are necessary to optimize texts and generate monthly costs of €100 to €200 for the copywriter. This expense then justifies the copywriting rates, creating a win-win relationship between copywriter and customer.

Additional differences between low-cost and expert SEO

Copywriting time is a key factor in the pricing of both low-cost and expert copywriters. While speed of copywriting is often emphasized with the former, the latter will focus on a more comprehensive process. Thus, higher rates include : 

  • visit in-depth discussions with customers to understand their needs
  • research and documentation using the right keywords
  • the use of technical language appropriate
  • the planning and synthesis complex concepts
  • the writing the text
  • the proofreading and correction
  • visit changes according to customer feedback

Copywriters' ancillary skills such asweb integration and the knowledge of programming language have a major influence on pricing. 

Web copywriting rates: what are the different parameters involved?

The cost of web copywriting depends on a number of parameters. The word billing is a common practice in web copywriting, particularly in blogging. However, it is only an indicator. In fact, a professional copywriter is more interested in enriching content than writing it, looking for keywords and backlinking. This in-house work is often not included in the quote. So it's a good idea to discuss the price with him. 

Rates vary according to experience levels. As a result, beginner copywriters charge around €0.05/word and €0.10/word for intermediate copywriters. Experts, on the other hand, charge €0.15/word. That said, the price depends above all on the quality of the work.

Visit price per sheet corresponds to print, which consists of quantifying the number of freelances. A freelance writer generally has between 40 to 70 € per 250-word leaflet. The price of the web page is similar to that of the leaflet, because one page corresponds to 250 words. However, this varies according to the customer's needs.

For the creation of a page, the rate ranges from €60 to €600, while for rewriting, it varies from €50 to €100. In blogging, the writer may charge €120 to €400 for a 500-word article. Daily or flat-rate invoicing is also an option, in order to benefit from a lower price. In all cases, this type of arrangement must be followed by a contract defining the services to be provided. 

Visit hourly rate is also used to establish the price of web copywriting. In addition to content creation, copywriting includes :

  • keyword analysis,
  • checking text flow
  • and proofreading.

Hourly costs vary from 20-35 €/hour for beginners and 40-60 €/hour for standard copywriters. As far as trade professionals are concerned, they take 70 €/hour.

Web copywriting rates in 2023

According to the studies carried out on copywriting rates, these vary according to the number of words and the tasks involved. A 165-word web page costs €90 to create and €70 to rewrite. On the other hand, a 300-word page is worth €150, and rewriting it costs €90. 

Malt estimates that the average daily rate or MRT is €375. In addition, prices range from €120 to €810, depending on the experience and specialization of the copywriter. Red'Act's estimate of rates is also useful for better budget management. For a 500-word text, for example, a copywriter would tend to charge between €133 and €416.

For a 1000-word article, it takes between 266 and 833 words. For a 1,500-word text, it costs between €399 and €1,249. In short, commissioning texts from copywriting platforms represents a significant cost.

Web copywriting rates: what are the steps involved in finding a web copywriter to suit your budget?

Finding a web copywriter for your copywriting project involves a few simple steps. First, you need to clearly define your project, highlighting your real needs. For example, you can determine in advance the type of medium for which you need content and the number of articles. In addition to defining your editorial line, you can also think about the level of expertise of your future web copywriter. 

Next, determine your expectations of the copywriter. It's essential to stress that the qualities of a good copywriter will vary according to your project. However, the essentials are : 

  • curiosity
  • mastery of spelling and grammar rules
  • a good general knowledge
  • an affinity with the sector
  • meeting deadlines
  • a strong ability to adapt to the editorial line
  • a good sense of synthesis
  • excellent SEO skills

Then, the preparation of a detailed editorial brief is essential. This document will serve as a guide for the writing process. However, you can also entrust this task directly to the copywriter. Following an in-depth analysis of your site, he or she will be able to propose an editorial strategy adapted to your needs.

Finally, you can find your web copywriter through various methods, such as search engines and reputable platforms. Sites such as Codeur or Malt allow you to choose the one who will meet your expectations. However, you need to take into account additional costs such as URSAFF or connection.

In addition, don't hesitate to ask for references such as portfolio or sample texts. This information will help you judge whether his writing style is right for your site. 

Devis d'un rédacteur web : quels sont les éléments essentiels à voir ? 

A web copywriting quote should contain the usual information about the copywriter and the client, as well as specific elements. It should clearly detail :

  • the nature of the order
  • prices excluding VAT
  • number of texts
  • the total amount excluding VAT and including VAT if applicable
  • completion and payment dates
  • details of payment method, such as bank details or bank transfer

As auto-entrepreneurs, they must mention the non-application of VAT in reference to article 293B of the CGI.

Web copywriting rates: what tips can you use to reduce them? 

Firstly, you can provide the copywriter with a list of keywords to include in your content. These are crucial for SEO and influence search engine positioning. The copywriter will usually take on this task for an additional fee. Factors such as search frequency and the keyword relevance must be taken into account. In addition, various free tools are available to help you find appropriate key terms.

Draw up a plan in advance

Secondly, you can provide him in advance with the editorial plan. However, you need to know your editorial line. By defining your topics and objectives, you can easily draw up coherent plans for all your articles. The starting point is to establish the title of the article, which will serve as a common thread, and focus on answers relevant to your audience. Once the title has been defined, list the elements to be included. It's worth pointing out that providing the writer with an outline won't hinder the editorial process. In fact, it facilitates alignment with your expectations and ambitions.  

Provide relevant sources

Providing detailed sources enriches the quality of web content. For competent writing, you can call on a service that covers a variety of topics. However, if you prefer to save on source research, you can provide references yourself. Although time-consuming, it's an investment that can generate substantial savings. 

What's more, you can easily carry out your own research to ensure credible and attractive content. Select reliable sources, especially official and reputable sites that keep their information up to date. This approach promotes quality content while preserving your budget.

Structuring HTML tags upstream

Opt for HTML formatting personalized. HTML structuring is essential for organizing your content and specifying the role of each element on a page. This language guides search engines in interpreting content. You'll also facilitate comprehension by clearly defining the parts of the text, such as paragraphs or level 1 headings.

If you manage a large volume of content, doing the HTML formatting yourself can significantly reduce your copywriting costs. This approach helps you optimize your costs while maintaining the quality of your content.

Provide a detailed brief

Reduce the bill by limiting revisions. To do this, be sure to provide detailed briefs, eliminating any ambiguity for editors. Remain available to answer their questions, thus minimizing feedback. This approach will help you avoid wasting time and money on potential mistakes.

Nevertheless, a few revisions are unavoidable to get the final content just right for your audience. However, it's a good idea to keep the number of revisions to a minimum from a financial point of view, as this approach allows you to avoid overspending and delays.

An additional tip is to regularly analyze work in progress. It's much better to be diligent than to let your essays pile up. It will help keep the process smooth and efficient.

Anticipating the unexpected

Keep your wits about you to save money and avoid potential problems. Anticipation plays a crucial role, not only in reducing your expenses, but also in avoiding tricky situations. In copywriting, as in any project, the unexpected can happen. Your ability to anticipate will enable you to face up to these challenges. Circumstances such as one collaborator breaking the contract for another or delivery delays can arise. Learning to anticipate these situations is essential.

Preparing specifications

Setting up a rigorously monitored web copywriting specification can help you avoid surprises. This approach doesn't require any special costs, but it can bring you long-term benefits. Being prepared for any eventuality gives you a strategic advantage.

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