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Good content is one of the best ways to convert prospects into customers on a website. However, you need to make sure you share quality content in order to build trust with your audience. What's more, the world of copywriting is highly competitive. Every day, millions of content creators publish articles on the web. So it's in your best interest to stand out from the crowd with high value-added content. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help. In fact, artificial intelligence has become increasingly important in recent years. Today, you have at your disposal a panoply of powerful tools that can help you reach your target. And that's just the beginning, by creating content and helping you with copywriting. Discover the 13 best artificial intelligence text editing tools in this article.

Jasper AI

The Jasper IA authoring tool helps you to create original content with catchy titles. With this tool, you can say goodbye to writer's block. It can help you with all the tasks involved in writing even the most complex content. All you have to do is provide it with your ideas and key information. will then help you turn them into a story, a blog post or any other type of text of your choice.

Whether you're a copywriter, SEO expert or marketing expert, can help you improve your writing skills. To do so, this content writing tool comes with a host of features such as : 

  • Searching for key elements
  • Adding punctuation symbols
  • Identifying quotations and paraphrases

Jasper's new feature allows you to create works of art from your texts. This option generates realistic images in a matter of seconds, based on the information you enter into the tool.

As for pricing, you can choose between three subscriptions: Starter, Boss Mode and Business. The basic version of the tool starts at 40 $. If you're not satisfied with the tool, you can invoke the money-back guarantee. This takes 5 days. 

The copywriting tool is designed to help you create relevant content to attract your target audience. You can use it for website content, e-mail, landing pages and even advertisements. What's more, you can customize your text to suit the purpose of each type of content. Content is optimized using's copywriting features.

With, you can write faster than ever before. In fact, its advanced features give you the advantages of automated content generation. With just a few clicks, you'll have high-impact articles capable of attracting your target audience. These texts will be so well written that they will reinforce your audience's trust in you. also allows you to correct clerical errors and grammar. All this to improve the fluidity of your content. In this way, the tool guarantees the generation of high-quality articles. All this for a minimum of 49 $ per month on an annual basis. However, you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial. A practical solution if you're not sure whether this tool is right for your business.


With Writesonic, you can create no fewer than 20 types of content. Text for Facebook Ads, blog posts, product sheets... It's all possible. This AI copywriting technology provides you with a vast selection of tools and reference documents. So you can develop professional texts to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

WriteSonic's library helps you perfect your grammar and style, while improving the readability of your texts. This artificial intelligence offers optimal natural language processing. The tool also gives you valuable advice on how to improve your writing, in real time.

As a pay-as-you-go tool, WriteSonic lets you pay as you go. Monthly subscriptions are also available. The online trial offer includes a number of credits. You can use these to test the software and get an idea of the planning and content generation solutions it offers. You'll find that even the trial version lets you do great things.


ChatGTP is undoubtedly the most popular artificial intelligence of the moment. Its use is not limited to that of an AI chatbot. In fact, this tool is a model of natural language processing. It relies on a myriad of textual data to provide answers just as a human would. As a result, you can handle a wide range of topics and set up numerous conversation scenarios. It can also help you adapt to new situations and find the best alternatives in new contexts.

ChatGPT's responses are disconcertingly consistent and logical. This makes it the perfect tool for a variety of tasks. In particular, you can use it to translate, summarize text or generate conversation. What's more, it can be integrated with a wide range of applications, platforms and social networks.

ChatGPT is a open source software. The new version of GPT was released in March 2023. To use it, ChatGPT Plus users must pay 0.3 $. This sum is enough to obtain 1,000 prompt tokens. For 0.6 $, you get 1000 completion tokens. Tokens are raw text.


Inkforall integrates comprehensive tools such as an AI assistant editor and text optimization options for SEO. It also offers content planning features. Thanks to these features, you can create top-quality content that will drive traffic to your website.

Thanks to Inkforall's SEO advice, your content will achieve excellent search engine rankings. Its co-writing feature also allows you to have marketing texts that turn prospects into customers. Among the most important features of this software, you will find :

  • Optimizing meta tags
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Image optimization
  • Integration with WordPress

To get the most out of Inkforall, you'll need to pay a flat fee. The Starter plan is ideal for you if you intend to use the platform on an occasional basis. It costs 8.80 $ per month. For professionals who want to optimize their content for search engines, the Pro SEO plan is perfect. It costs 44 $ and is also aimed at medium-sized companies. For teams and companies looking for SEO content creation solutions, the Team SEO Unlimited plan is the ultimate solution. delivers relevant content in seconds, whatever your requirements. Since its launch in 2021, has become one of the market's leading artificial intelligence text editing programs. Professionals especially praise its ability to deliver texts whose quality rivals that of articles produced by humans. You can use it for writing fact sheets, blog posts or video descriptions for social networks.

What's more,'s content is plagiarism-free. This tool can use more than 30 different languages and 20 different voice tones. As a result, he can accurately express the emotions you want to convey in your writing. can even help you find interesting topics for your blog. It can build an article outline and write introductions. Do you need to write attractive e-mails as part of your marketing or sales campaign? The artificial intelligence copywriting tool will also be a great help.

You can use Rytr free of charge. However, this free plan sets character generation limits. For the best user experience, invest in the paid plans. Prices range from 0.00 $ to 290 $ per year. Ideally, you should opt for the premium plan if you want to write content for your website on a regular basis. Rest assured, you're entitled to a free trial period.

If you're looking for an AI writing assistant that combines performance and ergonomics, Bertha is just what you're looking for. This tool harnesses a vast database to deliver top-quality articles for your WordPress site. You can use it to write texts that captivate your readers. It will also help you to increase your visibility on search engines. improves your productivity at lower cost. Prices range from 25 $ to 83 $. What's more, you get 2 months free. Despite its affordable price, this artificial intelligence authoring tool offers you interesting features such as :

  • Content generation for websites
  • Writing blog articles
  • Simplifying complex issues
  • Choosing the right editorial tone
  • Chrome extension

Bertha's user interface is easy to learn, even for beginners. Navigation is intuitive, so you can find all the features you need in just a few clicks. What's more, writing content takes just a few minutes.

What's more, Bertha AI's subscriptions are tailored to the needs of your business. If you have a website or an online store, opt for the Pro package. This package will help you boost your content creation mission with ease. Bertha can provide you with 20,000 words per month. With the Multi-Biz package, you benefit from 60,000 per month to feed 3 sites. The Pro Unlimited package, on the other hand, is designed for agencies and professionals who manage several sites at the same time. Note that each of these packages entitles you to a 14-day money-back guarantee.


CopyMonkey is a software application designed to content generation for e-commerce sites. It helps you manage product descriptions like real copywriters. It also lets you test the performance of your current texts. So you can gather all the information you need to maintain communication with your customers. Your customers will have more confidence in your expertise.

To improve your old content, CopyMonkey checks for plagiarism, readability, emotion and grammar. If you'd like to create new descriptions, all you have to do is provide him with the keywords relevant to your products. Then test the texts to identify the best-performing product descriptions. The results are extremely accurate.

At CopyMonkey, you can choose between three types of subscription:

  • Starter subscription: 49 $
  • Pro offer: 99 $
  • Custom Enterprise package, pricing based on quotation

You can also use CopyMonkey free of charge. Whichever package you decide to subscribe to, your user experience will be more than satisfactory. You'll also appreciate the speed with which this tool modifies your texts. What's more, you can customize functionalities in order to obtain texts in line with your brand image.

Smartwriter presents itself as a personalized prospecting tool. It exploits your customers' data via their LinkedIn profile. This enables it to analyze their bio, job description or recent activities.

What's Smartwriter all about? To help you write the best contact messages. It gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base by acquiring as many e-mail leads as possible. The same applies to social networks.

Smartwriter can also provide you with automated writing templates. This makes it a must-have for your blog or website. You can even use it to write product sheets that you will share on your e-commerce site.

Smartwriter's best features are as follows:

  • Personalize your messages to suit your business
  • Writing fact sheets to describe your products convincingly
  • E-mail access for leads
  •  Lead generation

To take advantage of these features, you need to take out a subscription. The basic package costs 59 $ and offers you 400 credits to access all features from Smartwriter. The popular subscription is 149 $ per month. This offer gives you 1200 credits. For 359 $ per month, you can get the Pro subscription with 3500 credits. If you take out an annual subscription, you'll receive a discount of 20 %.


Are you a marketer or a business? Are you looking for a practical solution for creating unique content that attracts your target audience? Then you absolutely must try Texta.AI. This tool lets you automate the creation of various types of content, from blog posts to advertisements. You can also use it to write posts for social networks.

Texte.AI brings together over 30 powerful tools. It lets you :

  • Create attractive product sheets
  • Optimize your texts
  • Test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Improve the quality of your content

Texta.AI's user interface is easy to use, even if you're not used to working with IT tools. You can access the platform from your smartphone, tablet or computer. So you can work anywhere, anytime.

All these advantages of Texta.AI come at a price, but an affordable one. In fact, access to this tool's functionalities is generally available at 29 $ per month. However, you can use it from 10 $. Unfortunately, no free version is available. However, it is possible to test the functions free of charge for 7 days during a trial period.

By purchasing the starter pack at 25 $ per month, you can generate 50,000 words of quality content. The same applies to the pro max plan at 29 $ per month. The difference between these two offers lies mainly in the fact that the former includes just one user seat, compared with 5 for the latter. With the pro max plus plan, you get 10 user seats and 100,000 words. All for just 29 $.


Linguix is a writing-assistance platform that makes effective use of artificial intelligence. It's aimed at marketers, writers and SEO pros. Its aim is to help you help you write e-mails, articles and social media posts. It prevents you from making conjugation and grammar mistakes. What's more, plagiarism has no place in the use of this tool.

Whether you're a professional or a company, Linguix should be one of your essential tools. It can :

  • check for punctuation, grammar and conjugation errors
  • improve your productivity in writing publications for your site
  • improve the readability of your texts
  • optimize your articles for SEO

With Linguix's free subscription, you can be sure that your texts are free of all kinds of errors. You can also create a large number of pre-recorded messages. For just 10 $ per month, you can use all the features through the Professional or Team subscription. The former is ideal for freelancers or small businesses. The second is aimed at large companies and marketing agencies. As the name suggests, the team subscription allows multiple team members to use the software.


With NeuraText, producing quality content is less of a hassle. NeuraText is a high-performance content creation and SEO software. It also saves you time thanks to its automated functions. Whether you're an agency, a company or a copywriter, this tool will meet all your requirements.

To assist you in your missions, NeuralText offers :

  • Keyword research based on terms relevant to a topic
  • A grouping of keywords to create an editorial plan
  • In-depth analysis of your content to optimize it
  • Content generation on different platforms

NeuralText also offers market research to help you challenge the competition. What's more, you can test NeuralText free of charge before taking out a subscription. This way, you can see if the software can meet all your needs. During the trial period, feel free to use all the available features. The premium version will then give you access to additional options from as little as 49 $ per month.

It's important to note that the quality of NeuralText texts can vary from one theme to another. However, it is certain to improve over time.


CrawlQ is one of the best AI-based tools for accurately reaching your target audience. In fact, this software helps you improve your visibility and conversion rate through your content. How can we do this? Simply by helping to identifying your needs and understanding your customers' requirements. As a result, you can create targeted content.

CrawlQ functions as a :

  • automated content editor
  • assistant who spies on the market to find interesting topics to discuss
  • competitive content comparator
  • link manager to improve the referencing of your content
  • content planner

CrawlQ gives you access to all its features at an unbeatable price. Prices range from 79 $ to 1199 $, depending on whether you're an agency or a freelancer. Think of these prices as an investment that will pay off in the long term. In fact, by optimizing your content strategy and SEO, CrawlQ will increase your conversion rates, and consequently your sales. If you'd like to test this software before subscribing, you can take advantage of the free trial period.

 The only drawback to this tool is that it takes some getting used to. In fact, compared with other similar tools, it is rather difficult to get to grips with.

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