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To generate organic traffic, websites need to master a number of methods. Visit SEO copywriting skills and its advantages. However, writing search-engine-friendly content is a complex task. So, to lighten the load, automatic SEO copywriting software has been developed. These 11 innovative tools will be a great help, and offer many advantages. From generating ideas to checking texts for publication.

What is SEO copywriting software?

As its name suggests, it's a tool to help you write text and SEO content. One of its main advantages is that it comes into play in the creation of optimized content. It takes into account the requirements of search engines and automatically generates appropriate text.

To achieve this, the text authoring tool makes use of artificial intelligence and automatic natural language processing. This generates texts that can rank favorably in the SERP.

The main purpose of this software is to provide quality contentadapted to the subject with the right keywords.

They are capable of generating articles with good meta-descriptions and even containing header tags. One of their main advantages is their great help in website SEO.

Why use this type of software?

This software allows you to save time when writing a text. If you used to spend hours in front of your computer manually writing your content, these tools take care of it in just a few minutes.

What's more, they boost your efficiency by enabling you to produce more content. Quality will also be present, as the content generated will be coherent and targeted. These programs are able to respect the criteria of search engine algorithms. They will provide you with the right keywords for your text. In the constantly evolving world of SEO, this is a major advantage.

How do I choose the right automatic text editor?

Choosing the right automatic text-editing software means above all based on your specific needs. Here are some important factors to consider :

Your personal aspirations 

Before adopting automated content writing software, ask yourself the right questions. Take stock of your objectives. Is it for blog posts? Call-to-actions? Or reviews? Make sure that the software you're considering adapts well to your projects.

A user-friendly interface 

When your job is to write and stay in front of your screen, design and appearance are important details. Choose the text-editing software you like in terms of interface and ease of use.

Extra features

To make the right choice of IA content writing software, take the time to compare options by each tool. Of course, each one offers its own features, but base your choice on your needs. Check the advanced features such as creating titles, integrating keywords or changing styles.


Take the time to test and evaluate the performance of each software product before you pay. Developers usually offer free or almost-free trials. Take advantage of these offers to check whether or not the tool interests you.

Brand reputation

In this age of fast-moving information, we're lucky enough to be able to check out everything on the net. Do a little research into each tool's reputation and user experience. Browse the comments associated with the writing tool to make sure each one is reliable.

Update frequency

The digital world is changing day by day. Choose a tool that can keep pace with these changes, especially in terms of information and search engine requirements. Check how often the software is updated and improved. That way, you'll stay on top of trends in SEO requirements and copywriting.

Software for automatically writing content


It is a copywriting software that uses artificial intelligence to create SEO-friendly content. It has a pleasant, easy-to-use interface that lets you personalize your writing.

If you have your own style, it offers you the possibility of adapting the tone and dynamics of your articles. In addition, it has the ability towrite quick drafts of your requests. This way, you won't have to wait long to assess the quality of the content you've generated.

Even so, no technology is without fault. It is therefore necessary to manually adjust certain points and details to obtain quality text.

JasperAI has a basic version, which offers all the primary functions you'll need. This version lets you generate 20,000 words per month and write 50 different types of content.

Jasper Boss Mode is available from 59 USD per month. You'll have unlimited access to all Jasper's features. The advantage of this mode is that you can call on the AI as you wish. The most important aspect is the speed with which your queries are answered. Your texts will be available twice as fast as with the basic version.

JasperAI's moderators give you peace of mind. If after 5 days you're not satisfied with your experience, you'll get your money back.


CopyAI focuses on sales copy, catchy slogans and marketing articles. It is also capable of generating persuasive content, CTAs such as advertising texts. Its comprehensive name lets us know that it's artificial intelligence that does most of the writing.

However, even if it looks perfect, remember that it's all based on algorithms. You'll need to make a few adjustments to achieve a natural, high-quality result.

CopyAI lets you do free tests to assess whether or not it meets your expectations. Then, if you're convinced, you can choose between 2 paying options.

The "Pro" option, priced at USD 35 per month, is an annual plan for personal use and small businesses. The "Enterprise" option is designed to meet the needs of large teams. If you're interested, customized quotes are available on request.


This new-look tool is taking an increasingly favorable place in the world of SEO content writing. It produces SEO articles automatically, based on your instructions. It supports this from the meta-description creation to thekeyword integration. Its advantage lies in its versatility, which is just a few clicks away.

However, always check the content to ensure that the generated text is logical and flowing.

The developers are offering you the opportunity to test all aspects of this software. During this period, 19,000 words of content will be offered free of charge. After that, you'll be asked to choose the subscription package that's right for you. Rates range from 10$/month for low-volume texts to 13$/month for larger texts.

You can then choose the quality of your writing you wish to obtain. You'll have the "Premium", "Good", "Average" and "Economy" options. The number of words will vary according to these. The better the quality, the smaller the number of words generated.

AI Writer

AI Writer, for "Artificial Intelligence Writer", is a versatile artificial intelligence tool. It has the ability to create various types of content ready for publication. The tool can generate blog posts to contents for social networks for advertising purposes. It can also help with product descriptions and CTAs. Its advantage lies in its particularly ergonomic interface. In other words, every user can quickly get to grips with it.

Nevertheless, it's important to check the text produced each time. Reread the content and make any necessary changes.

To be sure of this tool's capabilities, you will be able to test these functions free of charge for 7 days. If its performance meets your expectations, you can choose between 3 price plans. Worth knowing:

  • The basic plan is 29$ per month,
  • The standard plan will cost you 59$ per month,
  • The Power plan, with advanced features, at 375$ per month.


Articoolo is a tool that uses AI to generate unique, relevant articles in record time. It uses your instructions and the right keywords to structure a quality text.

This tool is agile in the creation of short articles for blogs and chronicles for websites.

However, content can be quite machine-like. So be sure to adjust them to your style, so that they are fluid and reliable.

If you decide to use Articoolo, you can choose between paying per use or subscribing.

If you prefer to pay per use, here are the applicable rates:

  • 19 $ for 10 items generated
  • 75 $ for 50 items generated
  • 99 $ per 100 items generated

However, if you prefer monthly subscriptions, you can choose between :

  • 29 $ per month for 30 items,
  • 49 $ per month for 100 items
  • 99 $ per month for 250 items

Software for SEO optimization

INK Editor

INK Editor is a tool designed to optimize your content. It is based on up-to-date data for a real-time referencing. The tool also gives you tips and suggestions on how to write your content. The aim is to optimize your content and improve its ranking in the SERP.

This tool is ideal for copywriters who want to develop their SEO-oriented copywriting skills. However, you'll need to impose your own style, because it's by being authentic that you'll be able to stand out from the crowd.

With this solution, you can choose between three types of subscription:

  • The Starter offer is only 8.80 $ per month,
    • The Pro SEO plan, priced at 44 $ per month
    • The Team SEO Unlimited subscription, available at 177 $ per month.


Based on the keywords you decide to include, Frase generates SEO-friendly content. It is able to provide targeted, optimized text. Its advantage is that it can be easily integrated with other marketing tools. 

Whether you're a copywriter or a digital marketing specialist looking for improvements, Frase can help. This tool helps you stand out from the crowd in search engine optimization.

However, be sure to adapt the content generated to your specific needs.

Software to improve the quality of your content


Wordtune is an innovative tool based on advanced artificial intelligence. Among other things, it gives you virtual writing assistant. The solution provides you with real-time suggestions as you write your texts. Its aim is to improve the style and clarity of your writing.

What's more, you can integrate and use it with many other writing tools. It's easy to use and suitable for all types of writing, from articles to e-mails.

However, it's not very practical to start content from scratch with Wordtune. Start by structuring your ideas.

Wordtune has a free version that you can use at any time. It will give you writing suggestions, basic rewriting functions and you can include it in Chrome.

However, if you want to explore more features, the tool offers 2 types of paid subscription.

The "Premium Plan", priced at just 99.9 $/month, offers you the possibility of obtaining advanced suggestions. This option lets you control the form of the text, and whether or not the length is adequate. What makes it different from the free offer is that you can call on help to find the right keywords.

The "Premium Plan for Teams" is the right choice if you're a company. It integrates all the tool's advanced features. Billing is based on the number of people in your team. In other words, it's entirely personalized.


The quality of a piece of content lies not only in its ideas, but also in its syntax. ProWritingAid is a tool that helps you to improving the structure and grammar of your content. It ensures that your text is flawless. It has the ability to analyze the style, spelling and readability of your writing.

It is also useful for fine-tune the quality and coherence of your ideas. In other words, it's not in the automatic generation of content, but rather in its revision. This also plays a major role in SEO, since search engines pay attention to it.

You can use the ProWritingAid extension free of charge. But depending on your needs, there are several pay-as-you-go plans available.

Here are ProWritingAid's pricing plans:

  • The monthly offer is 20$/month,
  • The annual plan is only 79$/year
  • The lifetime subscription is 399$: you'll have to pay it all in one go, but you'll never have to worry about a thing.
  • The Individual Business Plan is 6$/month
  • The business teams plan is available for a minimum of 2 users, and is invoiced on an annual basis. It costs 8$/user per month.

And if you're a company, customized rates are available on request.

 Other tools to help you achieve SEO success


Search engines take into account the responsiveness and dedication of sites to user needs. As a result, you'll need to respond to every user's comments to climb to the top of the search results.

Sapling is a software package for automatically generate answers tailored to your readers' questions. Automated responses save time and prove your responsiveness at the same time.

The latter offers a free option, but advanced features are only available with paid plans. For this, you have the "Pro" plan at 25$/month and the "Enterprise" plan with customizable rates.

Text Blaze

Since a website's SEO doesn't just depend on its content, Text Blaze is a tool that can help you.

It's a tool for semi-automatic data entry. It allows you to create coherent answers to questions frequently asked by your readers.

However, it is not suitable for generating complex content. You can use the Text Blaze extension free of charge. However, if you want more functionality, you can choose between 3 plans.

  • Plan pro: 2.99 $ per month
  • Business Plan: 6.99 $ per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan: ask for a personalized quote.

Can we totally put editorial control in the hands of these software programs?

In an age when artificial intelligence is becoming more sophisticated by the day, creativity is still on our side.

While using these different tools makes our lives easier, it's important to keep the right balance. Feelings, empathy and emotion are the key ingredients for maintaining deep relationships with your readers.

It's true that automated copywriting can generate structured, targeted content. However, we mustn't forget that search engines focus on the user experience.

The quality of content also lies in its authenticity. So be sure to add your own personal touch. And since good SEO is one of the ultimate goals of every SEO copywriter, make sure your text is original.

In short, only use these programs to help and optimize your writing process. Don't rely on their advantages alone to turn them into full-fledged writing tools.  

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